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Inca Legacy Cultural Society is a non-profit civil partnership based in Peru. Founded in 2006 our mission is to contribute to the research, promotion and dissemination and of new technologies in education and scientific research with particular focus on food sustainability and environmental protection...

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Cultural Society Inca Legacy, through our Agency Travel ´Inca Legacy´, we invite you to discover and share a trip to a fascinating country: PERU has a large number of natural and culture wonders, where the past lives close to the present, where mythology and reality are merged together and locals are still living according to their millenary traditions and habits. A place where the arid desert is located close to an exuberant jungle next to the Ecuadorian border line, while the highest mountains are covered with snow during the whole year. The southern Andean region in Peru has secret routes and magical destinations to satisfy and enrich the spirit of travelers coming from modern societies willing to visit different cultures. Join us and discover this wonderful destinaiton called PERU.

Your sincerely,

Fernando Bravo                                                                                                        

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